Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy birthday to me! *<:)

from yesterday 3/21/06

Yup, turned the big 2-9 today!  so far, it's been good (other than having to work).  My boss bought us all lunch today in celebration for my birthday, and bought turtle cheesecake - all from Central Market.  Of course, typical of my boss...he later sees the menu and the prices on the menu and is like..."I agreed to this?!?"  "I'm crazy".  Sheesh.  For someone who lives in a half million dollar house..what's a couple bucks for lunch? :p

Since I'm still a bit sick, Sean and I have agreed that he doesn't have to take me out tonight.  We'll save the nice dinner for the weekend...hmm...maybe Eddie V's?  So Sean's going to cook for me, and we'll just probably take it easy, watch tv or a movie or something.

Well, my honey just came home with sunflowers in his hand!  gotta go..yay!  will blog later.


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