Sunday, December 18, 2005


T-5 days to leaving for Africa.  Holy shit, I'm starting to get nerves.  I hate the week before a trip because I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. 

I bought travel insurance last week, and stupid me, didn't change my birth *year* so that it looks like I'm only 9 months old.  Well, finally on the way to getting that sorted.  Hopefully they'll be able to sort it out and email me the insurance package by Thursday.

Just emailed the lady from the porter assistance project to arrange the transfer of the duffel bag (I'm volunteering as a courier to help bring clothing and gear to the Mt. Kilimanjaro porters -- read about it here).  Need to print out the customs for for that as well...

We've got a hotel booked in Nairobi, shuttle service to Moshi, and the first night in Moshi.

Have to do passport photos (for visas for Kenya and for Tanzania)

Play with the new digi cam so that we know how to use it on the mountain..doh..get more lithium batteries..wanted to make a cozy for the digi cam and batteries (since it'll be below freezing)...

Still a few more things to make (bathing suit, compression sacks, day bag/purse)...argh!!!

Of course, a shitload of packing and organizing to do.

Have to pick up my meds - Doxycyclen for antimalarials and Acetazolamide (generic Diamox) for altitude sickness

Not to mention I just came down with a cold as of yesterday...double argh!!!


Blogger lys said...

Those viruses have bad timing, don't they? Hope you feel better before your trip.

Deep calming breaths... :P

9:42 AM  

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