Thursday, December 15, 2005

marisa the fashion journalist???

Wow.  Sometimes, strange things happen to me.  I'm presented with opportunities and I get giddy about them.

Earlier this year, I was approached by Lisa Maxwell of The Workshop because one of her friends out in California worked for a production company working on a show called Stylicious, to show on the DIY network I believe next year.  They were looking for indie artisans, so I sent her a few pictures of few things (clothing, accesories) I made -- mostly from recycled vintage linens or fabrics.  An example is in my profile picture -- the skirt I'm wearing was a vintage table napkin (the flowery part).  I added a muslin border to make a mini skirt. 

Anyways, Lisa sent it over to her friend at the production company.  I received an email from her friend, with a note to call her for a first interview.  All done over the phone since they're in Los Angeles and I'm in Texas.  Well, the first interview went fantastic!  She said that she would pass on my name, and that I would go through a second phone interview.  That also went well.  Next step was to get a call from one of the production guys..well, needless to say, that never happened.  So my 15 minutes (or 5) of fame didn't happen, that time. 

It was one of those things, like Crafters Coast to Coast, where the host and production crew travels to your home/shop and films you making your project.  They told me it would be a half day of production (about 4 hours).  I think my key point was that, well, my projects usually take longer than that (doh).  Oh well...

Sometime after that, I was randomly contacted by Valerie Mikita, the Associate Producer for the Tyra Banks Show, who saw one of the DIY posts on my blog about a Pillowcase skirt I made that cost all of about $2 (that's with the zipper) to make.  She said that Tyra Banks wanted to crown me the "Queen of Cheap".  I thought that was pretty funny.  I'll take it as a complement because I do get thrills out of being thrifty ;)  So she had her number attached to the email she sent, and I was this for real or is this one of those weird spams?  But everything seemed to check out.  I debated on this one..hmmmm..should I call her?  Maybe I'll get a free plane ticket..hmmm...well, it was too close to my Argentina trip, so I let this one go to the wayside.

And today, I received an email from Mesh Design Collective about a photo I had posted on flickr from the Stitch fashion show.  For my volunteer efforts, I had snagged a schwag bag with a package from Mesh Design Collective and had photographed its contents.  They asked permission to use the photos for their business.  I told them, of course they could, because maybe I'll be looking for them to help me out once I get off my ass and do my indie business in a few years.  I got an email back asking if I had fashion journalism experience and if I would be interested in being a contributor to their to their news and trends site that they're developing.  Wow!  Another one of those giddy opportunities!!  Well, I emailed them back, saying that I didn't have any fashion journalism experience (being bluntly honest here), but I am interested, have nice digital photography equipment, and am into the indie fashion scene in Austin.  I guess I'll have to wait for a reply back to see what they say.  But I think that's pretty cool.  :)


Blogger CU said...

whose number? tyra's? if so, email it to me. i'll call her and tell her that i'm the brother of the "queen of cheap"

7:36 PM  
Blogger lys said...

Queen of cheap... that totally describes you! ;-)

You're quite the diy fashion maven these days. Good on you!

9:43 AM  

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