Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Good Water Trail

Last Saturday, Sean and I hit up the Good Water Trail at Lake Georgetown. It's the longest hiking trail in central Texas, at a whopping 16.6 miles. No, we didn't do the whole thing. Sheesh. We worked backards and parked at Russell Park, hiking about 4 miles in and turning around at the low water crossing. In total, we did about 8 miles. This wasn't a tough hike, but was a good one nevertheless. The first part was through the forest on an less travelled trail covered by leaves that had fallen off the trees. We went down to near lake level, and hiked along a jeep trail for the rest of the way. It's a nice hike as it's a relatively quiet trail (as opposed to the Barton Creek greenbelt in Austin). We saw a total of 3 other people on the trail, all of whom were cyclists.

Me balancing on a post by the trailhead Posted by Picasa

The low water crossing -- it's been a dry year, so the water is pretty non-existant Posted by Picasa

Somewhere between mileposts 14 and 16.6 - trail along old jeep trails Posted by Picasa

Funky tree in the middle of swampish land Posted by Picasa


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