Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blue Genie Art Bazaar

Friday night, I met up with the lovely ladies of the Glitterati group for an evening of good times.  Kristin, Lisa, and I met up at Natalie's house then carpooled over to Azul in east Austin for a bite to eat.  There, we met up with Jennifer and later Sarah, Shae, Donna, Melissa, and Olivia.

After dinner, we split up and head to Blue Genie Art Industries for the Art Bazaar that features local independent artisans with their wares for sale. 

I think this is the 3rd or 4th Blue Genie Art Bazaar I've been to.  I can't even remember, but it seems like I've been a few times already.  It's always changing and definitely getting more popular from the first time I went.  I'm a big fan of Rory Skagen's work.  It's so colorful and fun.  I mean, how could you not like this...


I did my fair share of spending at the bazaar.  I bought my sister a Unitard checkbook cover similar to the one in the link from Sweet Tooth Bags.  I think she'd really appreciate the humour in that one.  Funny, they placed that one in a black plastic baggie when I went to pay for it.  I bought myself (I couldn't resist) a shirt from Victrola Studio.  I got Sean this shirt from Ollie Reid.  Now he can say I got him two turntables and a microphone!  I really wanted to get him this shirt from Will Heron, but he didn't have any available.  I was so set on that shirt too -- it's so dorky...hehe.  I talked to Will and instead, put in a special order with him by email.  Not sure if I'll get it in time for xmas, since I'm leaving on the 23rd, but we'll see...

The night wrapped up by me, Natalie, Kristen, Lisa, Olivia, and Donna heading over to a bar to hang out and have a drink.  We tried to go to Lala's on Justin, but it was crowded and smokey.  So we headed up north a bit to Houstons and sat in the bar.  Of course, a booth full of 6 gorgeous girls, the waiter was flirty.  It was just so good to get out and hang out with the girls.  Lisa introduced me to Salty Dogs.  I'm such  lightweight nowadays, that I couldn't even suck one full drink down (it was a pretty damn big one, though) without getting buzzed.  I kept in mind that I had that damn 30 mile drive home as well, so I just took it easy.


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