Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Weekend in Houston

I spent last weekend in Houston. It was a pretty entertaining weekend. Ale has grown so much, now she's taller than Alyssa. Mia and Kai are as cute as can be.

Friday evening, Ana put on Kai and Mia's halloween outfits -- they're dragons, Kai a green one and Mia a pink one. The kids ran around chasing each other -- so cute!

Saturday, weall went to Astroworld since it was it's last weekend of operations...ever. Long story short, the boys don't like roller coasters. The hilight of the day was going to the guesser and having him guess my age. When he said, "Sixteen", I started laughing my ass off as did Ale, Alyssa, and Bryan. Anyways, it's late and I'm pretty sure that Alyssa will blog a story as well, so I'll point my blog to hers. She has more time on her hands than I do :p

Sunday, Alyssa, Bryan, and I went for brunch with Alyssa's high school friend, Patricia. After brunch, we hit up Target to buy Kai a birthday present -- something loud and annoying, of course. Alyssa and Bryan bought Kai a Catepillar truck (as tempting as the truck that played "We Will Rock You" was..), and I bought Kai a monster truck that chomps. Both toys, loud and annoying.

So who knew getting a Catepillar toy truck out of the box could be so difficult?

Charlie breaks out the screwdriver...

Still not ready as there are more screws to be unscrewed...Kai waits impatiently as any 4 year old would.

Kai and Mia playing with the new toys as Uncle Bryan watches


Anonymous Anonymous said...

apparently i never open my eyes...

9:33 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

Now that is the most bizarre comment I've gotten...

7:24 PM  
Blogger CU said...

maybe they should keep them closed

5:43 PM  

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