Friday, November 18, 2005


Last Sunday, I volunteered for the Stitch event. I volunteered for the 4pm to 8pm shift, so that I could check out the vendors and show afterwards. I didn't know what volunteering would entail. Actually, I had no idea how the night would be, but I thought I would give it a go.

I got an awesome parking space at 7th and Red River, just a block from Emo's. I walked over to Emo's to find a long line of people with name tags on. I had no clue what was going on. I asked the guy at the end of the line if that was the volunteer line. It ended up to be the model line, which snaked outside of Emo's almost to Red River. Luckily, I didn't have to wait in the line, instead, just snuck into Emo's and found Brock, the volunteer coordinater in his green Stitch shirt.

My first assignment -- walk around and ask the vendors if they need help with anything. Easy enough. I walked around, met a few of the vendors. I first met with Jason, Tristan, and Annie at Annie's Omnium. They didn't need any help, so I moved on.

...well, I started this entry a while back, and now am too lazy to finish it. So I'll just do a quick rundown...

Volunteering was pretty interesting. Well, sort of. I walked around and asked vendors if they needed help. One vendor, Phaedra?, needed help putting their sign up, so I helped hold a metal pipe while one girl strung it to the tent post, and the other girl was fixing the booth. They were really sweet ladies.

Next was the food booth. I took blue tickets and handed out Chipotle burritos. With this crowd, of course, the vegetarian burritos were the biggest hit...however, the order was messed up and I had to deal with complaining vegetarians. Fun. :p

Around 6:00, they told us to just hand out the burritos to anyone who would take them, so Jesse and I grabbed handfuls of burritos and walked around to the vendors, doling out the food.

After that, I walked around checking up with vendors more, then hung out with Veronica who was guarding the back door. I was later tasked to pick up coffee from Progress Coffee on east 5th street. They were supposed to do a delivery, but something fell through, so Karly had be pick up the coffee. Well, needless to say, I couldn't find the I called Karly on the phone. She interrupted me and said, "and someone else had already picked up the order". Damn straight tootin. She didn't know that someone else had run the errand. So I headed back.

I handed out a few schwag bags at the front door. By that time, I was ready for the show to get on the road. I wanted to walk around and buy stuff!

Finally, my shift was over at 8pm. Not that they would have known anyways, as I felt like I really did nothing the last hour. I went shopping. I bought a few soaps at Feto Soap. But that was about it. I talked to the vendors who I had met earlier -- a lot of cool, laidback people. Even Rickie and Charisse of Phoebe Debee's, who are from Port Arthur and were affected badly by Hurricane Rita, had such a positive attitude on life.

A few of my friends were vending as well, Natalie from Ornamental Things, Melissa from One Creative Girl, and Suzie from Q Jewelry.

I met up with Dixie and Sarah before the fashion show. It was really fun -- people watching and making fun of people. Well, it's a given at this type of show!

Here are some pics from Stitch...

Natalie at her booth

Melissa at her booth

Dirty butt girl

Scary tight pants guy who started bobbing to the music

A few fashion show pics...

If you want more, check out my Flickr page.


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