Monday, November 14, 2005

Schwagadellic, baby! Stitch Schwag

I snagged a schwag bag at the Stitch event for my volunteer efforts. Hey, they said I could put one aside for myself...

The schwag bag and goodies...

Now I'll break it down and give everyone credit...I mean after all, it's free schwag...

Buttons from Kiss My Attitude, Ollie Reid, Unrest Designs, and Belen.

Stickers from Chia, Model Citizen, A Rare Bird; patch from Mi Hija; magnet from lbs designs.

Miscelleneous schwag -- heart shaped fan from Tokyo Valentine, baggie from Ballistic Sweater Girl, CD from The Search for Saturnalia, nail file from Naughty Secretary Club, sex lube from ForPlay Liquid.

Mesh Design Collective put together a little baggie -- a button, cards from Mesh Design Collective, Creative Farm, M Shop NYC, Denise Disharoon Jewelry,

The latest issue of Bust Magazine.

A whole schlew of cards from (in alpha order...)
- 4t5 dogs - dog accessories
- Adaptive ReUse - paint swatch wallets and accesories
- All Knotted Up - hand knit creations by Lisa
- Amet and Sasha - simple clothes for complicated girls
- Angel Court - revamped vintage jewelry and art
- Annie's Omnium - clothing from natural fibers and fabrics and felted products
- Beta Valentine - a local band
- Chia - hats, bags, clothing, accessories
- Fable - knits and jewelry
- Flicker Film Fest
- Identity Crisis Clothing - handmade clothes by Karly
- Made with Sweet Love - naughty latch hook kits
- Naughty Secretary Club - jewelry, purses, home accessories
- Ornamental Things - beautiful handcrafted jewelry by Natalie and One Creative Girl - vintage inspired cards and corsages by Melissa
- Partybots - funky t-shirts
- Progress Coffee
- Revamp Designs - recycled clothing and accessories
- Smashing Mirrors - online boutique
- Stitch
- PDX Super Crafty - crafty girls from Portland, their book, and wares
- Texas Roller Girls
- Trow - handmade yoga wear and clothing

Phew, that's the schwag list! Well, the show blog will have to wait for another day...


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