Thursday, November 24, 2005

Making gear -- Mittens

Mittens -- variation on McCalls pattern #4683 - F.

I was too cheap to buy fleece mittens to go over my gloves, so I made them instead. I bought a remnants order from Malden Mills, the makers of Polartec, and received really awesome Polartec materials in varying lengths, colors, and thicknesses. I'm guessing that the fleece I used was probably Polartech 100.

It was pretty easy to make. Rather than the elastic where it is on the pattern, I decided to leave it out. For the lining of the mittens, I used a 99 cent thrift store find -- an Addidas shirt made out of Climacool material.

Sewing instructions, pattern pieces cut out of the sheets

I doubled the fabric over, and cut the pieces out.

Yay, I have a mitten! The pattern didn't call for the wavy line on the right side -- I improvised and sewed it in myself.

Palm side of the mitten

Inside of the mitten. I used a serger-like stitch to finish the raw edges. Not pretty on the inside.

Everyone makes mistakes! I had one mitten done, then started on the next one and sewed the wrong sides together. Used my handy dandy seam ripper to undo the stitches so that I could reuse the pieces.

Lining material - climacool Addidas shirt from the thrift store

Viola! All finished -- mittens with lining sewed to them. I made a casing at the bottom of the mittens, just in case I want to add elastic to them.
Lining material - climacool Addidas shirt from the thrift store


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow that is like.. magic. baby beyond fleece!


6:47 PM  
Blogger marisa said...

this fleece stuff rocks!!!

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