Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pre-Halloween treats -- Bloody eye

Sean, Stef, and I went wakeboarding yesterday. The season's soon to be over, so we're trying to go whenever we can...even if that means going out at 7:30am in 60 degree weather!

Sean bought The Book, a series of wakeboarding instructional DVDs done by the guys at Wakeboard Camp. We started to watch the first DVD Friday night, to prepare for our Saturday session. We picked up a few tips, and thought of what we wanted to try out for Saturday.

My goal for the day was to go at a slower speed and try surface tricks. I needed to try to ride switch, and wanted to try surface 180's. Simple tricks, that I've been too nervous to try. In the DVD, they showed you how to ride in "cuffed style" -- kind of like riding and facing backwards, leaning back, and having your hands behind you, palms facing up like you're handcuffed. I wanted to try that, too.

Long story short, it ended up being an awesome day for me. My first run, I tried to come up switch (goofy foot for me). I fell quite a bit, trying to get the feel for it. And finally got comfortable going goofy foot. Once I got that down, it was time for surface 180's -- that's where you turn the board so your feet are the other stance -- ie. going from goofy foot to regular foot or vice versa. Try after try after try, after wobbly surface 180's, I finally got the hang of it. I was extremely impressed how unscary it actually was. However, I noticed that I have an easier time doing a surface 180 from switch to regular, rather than the opposite. Got better as the day wore on, though.

My first attempts at cuffed position were uneventful. I struggled with bringing the handle to my hip with my left arm, and trying to do the pass to the other hand. It takes a shitload of strength to pull that maneuver. That, and I was doing it completely wrong.

My second run, I practiced more surface 180's, and mastered..well, not really, but finally (after many tries and sore as hell arms) rode in the cuffed position. It actually wasn't that bad, once you figured out how to do it correctly, and bend at the waist properly. Then from the cuffed position, I was going to *try* a backside surface 180 -- that's where, from cuffed position, you let go of one hand then rotate or spin around to where your back is facing the boat, then spin back so that you are facing the boat again, regaining the handle with both hands. Easier said than done! Well, I'd *just* learned frontside surface the backside surface 180's was tricky tricky tricky. My several attempts at backside surface 180's ended miserably slapping into the water. But hey, I tried. Also got a few good one wake jumps (good for me is a few inches to a foot of steps, you know...) in at the end of my second run -- landed all of them (yes!)

By the time my third run came around, I was pretty wiped out. So I just practiced jumping. I got a few good ones, landed them all except had a few "Weltons" -- that's where you let go of the handle in anticipation of a big wipeout, but end up landing the trick just fine. I gave in once my lower back was so painful, and my arms completely dead.

Learning to fly...catching a little bit of air on a heelside jump Posted by Picasa

Stef had a productive day, too. In the end, he was working on one wake 180s -- that's where you jump and switch your footing stance in the air, and land switch footed. He didn't land any one wake 180's, but he tried pretty well. Surely he'll get it soon, if not next season.

Sean was also practicing surface tricks -- surface 180's, cuffed position (he couldn't get that one), sliding, and butter slides. Long story short, we ended our wakeboarding session when he had a spectacular face smacker into the wake just after the picture below.

Sean attempting a butter slide, just before eating shit (face slapping into the wake making his eye bleed) Posted by Picasa

He was trying a butter slide on the wake, but can't quite get the spray down. So the front side of his board caught the wake, and he slammed, ate shit, faceplanted, whatever you want to call it, right into the wake. That one had to hurt. So Peter drove the boat around to pick him up. Then Peter says, "Sean, your eye is bleeding". We all were worried..blood..bloody eye? Well, that's the first bloody eye I've ever seen..not bloodshot eye, I'm talking about blood streaming from the eye, crying blood. Luckily, he wasn't hurt too bad, it's just that when
there's blood involved, you automatically assumed it's bad. We got him out of the water, Peter dropped us off at the 360 bridge. We went to Sean's car, he thought
he lost a contact in his eye -- like the back of his eyeball. He's checking out his eye in the mirror, and then he's like, there's a vein that's popped out of my eye -- a red thick threadlike substance crossing his eye. I wanted to take a picture of it, but didn't have my macro lens on me. Anyways, we went to the eye doctor and that stuff on his eye was old blood, like a blood clot streaming on
his eye, the doc plucked it of. Luckily, he only had a scratch in his cornea, which was causing the eye to bleed.

Hope you weren't eating lunch...

So, nearing the end of wakeboarding season -- here's a list of the tricks I can do from the INT Wakeboard Trick List:
- Adjust board shorts (60 points) -- I bet I could do that, but I don't wear board shorts so I haven't tried...
- Board slide in flats -- in between wakes for me (125 points)
- Bunnyhop (Ollie) (100 points) -- I've done a few decent ollies, but need tons of practice!
- Cross one wake (60 points)
- Cross both wakes (70 points)
- Crouch down and touch water (60 points)
- Healside air - one wake jump (100 points)
- Ride with one hand on handle (40 points)
- Stand on board (20 points) - LOL!!! I'd um..hope I could do that by now!
- Surface 180 (150 points) - I can do frontside 180's and switch frontside 180's
- Toeside air - one wake jump (150 points) -- did a few a long time ago, but haven't in a while
- Wave to someone (75 points) -- surely, I could do that one, too but haven't tried

I have tried, but cannot do yet:
- Backside/blindside surface 180


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