Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ollie ollie ollie!!!

Went wakeboarding this afternoon/eve. It was quite a packed boat -- me, Sean, Stef, Karan, Peter, Peter's next door neighbor Dawnelle, and another chick Lisa.

In short, my first run was so shitty. The water was ridiculously choppy, and I worked so hard at just keeping myself up. I went outside of the wake, to attempt a heelside jump, but damn, I was whipped so bad by the choppiness of the water, I just crossed the wake, and then soon after gave in.

My second run was great. Nice, nice water. I went outside of the wake on my toeside, and tried some ollies. I just decided to go for it. I got one good one in, where I felt like I got a bit of air. The others seemed small. I did my fair share of falling while learning how to ollie. Also failed miserably at a few heelside jumps. Tried 3, and each time fell and popped my wakeboard off my feet.

I bought Sean the Roam wakeboard for his belated birthday present. It has no fins or not edges on the bottom. It's kind of like a wakeskate that's attached to your feet. Well, this may be the new favorite board on the boat. Stef and Karan liked it, too.


Blogger Dewdrop Falling said...

You are so awesome! I actually know those terms like "ollie" because Forest says them all the time.

11:35 AM  
Blogger marisa said...

Natalie, you're such a cool mom ;)

Ollies are fun. You know, we bought a skateboard to try to practice them on land. Of course, I've fallen a few times already. Um...going to lay off if it until I get some pads and a helmet. I'm no spring chicken anymore!

6:17 PM  

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