Saturday, October 08, 2005

Making the most of the wakeboarding season...

You'd probably think I'm nuts. But I went wakeboarding today. We left the dock around 7:50am, at some 57 degrees Farenheit air temperature. It was damn chilly. Luckily, this is the time of year that the water temperature is still warm (relatively, Lake Austin is cold...).

Stripping down before a wakeboarding session sucked, but jumping in the water felt so nice. Getting pulled out of the water and standing that's a different story. Damn chilly!

We went last weekend, and I was able to get 3 really good ollies, 2 of which I landed. Also landed a few jumps. One, where I edged really hard, flew into the wake's ramp -- they guys said I got really good air...but I didn't land it. Instead, I think the nose of my wakeboard caught the water, I fell and tumbled a full rotation. It didn't hurt though, but they boys told me to not try so hard..haha.

Today...I sucked! Well, the water was pretty nice my first run. Not too many people out. It was cold, and no one seems as crazy as we are ;) I wanted to practice ollying and heelside one wake jumps. My ollies were horrible! On my first run, which was short, I ended it by attempting a heelside one wake jump, only to splat face first in the water so hard that I popped out of my bindings and flew a few feet, water shot up my sinuses and ears, and I had an instant headache. I waded for a second or two, looked back, and swam back to my board. It was the hardest and worst slapper that I've ever had. I thought my toeside jump slappers were bad..well, this one topped the cake. I went back to the boat to rest up.

I had two more runs, and since my first big slapper of the day put me in my place, I decided to take it more conservatively. I did a few heelside one wake jumps, but nothing too big. Stef said I got about 6" to a foot of air. Not bad. And I actually landed it, too. I had a few that I didn't land. And my ollies were horrible. Just not my day.

Well, tomorrow's another day. We're going out on the lake in the evening. Maybe I'll have a better session...

I can't believe it's already 1 week into October, and we're still wakeboarding...


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