Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I started learning Swahili before I left for Argentina, and put it down for ages...time to pick up the books again. I just ordered the Pimsleur Swahili language course from Amazon -- it's an Audio CD.

I have a "Teach Yourself Swahili" book, but there's no accompanying audio. I'm probably saying everything wrong. I need audio! Hence the Pimsleur. That'll keep me entertained on my commutes.

Some basic Swahili for those of you who are interested...

Hujambo = How are you (to one person)
Sijambo = I'm fine
Habari za safari? = How was the journey/trip?
asante = thanks
karibu sana = you're very welcome
Ninatoka Mericani = I come from America
kwa heri = goodbye

Well, that's it for the lesson folks. This is some hard shit to learn, I'll tell you that, and I seem to have a natural knack for languages...or so I thought! I've already forgotten 98% of what I had learned pre-Argentina trip. Back to square one!

Whenever I try to pick up a new language, for some reason, I start spewing out French, which I haven't learned since 1996...

A bientôt! (See what I mean)


Blogger Gabriela said...

wow!! sounds more difficult than my Dutch lessons!!

regards from Argentina

6:46 PM  

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