Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! or not!

Today's Halloween. I completely forgot about it this morning, until I was like..wait, I was going to dress up and go to work! I found my old gold shiney stretchy pants of the clubbing days of old (gawd, what was I thinking when I bought these?), black shiney halter, and of course, the afro.

When I got to work, I borrowed the gold herringbone chains that look like they've been in the shop since the 70's (I kid you not), and put them on -- one as a necklace, and one as a belt.

Sarah arrived, and she looked hot! She dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood, and did an awesome job at assembling the outfit on her own. Of course, the boys, Charles, Aaron, and I'll count Jon, too, didn't dress up.

Sarah and me at the shop

Daylight savings was yesterday, which meant that I'd arrive home at dark. I was hoping not to miss any trick or treaters, since Sean and I bought tons and tons of candy, and I'm not talking about the kiddie mix either, we got the good stuff.

Look at all the candy we had.

Sadly to say, we had 0, that's zero, trick or treaters. For sure, I'd think we'd at least have the neighbor kids and the kids that we knew in the neighborhood. What's up with that? Did everyone make their kids trick or treat during the daylight hours, when everyone's at work? Come on people! Oh well. Looks like I'll be bringing some candy to work, and Sean and I will have plenty of sweets to munch least it's the good candy ;)

Here's another picture of me from Halloween night..had to take the fro off (had my hair tied in 3 small buns all day), and ended up with a semi-fro...with fake mole, gold glitter eye shadow and all...


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