Sunday, October 09, 2005

Flat water snob...

Yes, I've become a flat water snob. Well, I went wakeboarding this afternoon. I only did one run, had pretty crap water. Even with the slightest of chop in it, the water bounces me around all over the place, so I refrain from doing anything too crazy in it. Stil had fun, though.

I learned a new "trick", or rather tried it out. I touched the water. It's pretty easy, nothing to spectacular about it. And the boys say that my ass is still too high up in the air. Something different though.

New trick: touching the water Posted by Picasa

I tried a heelside jump, but failed miserably at it. I might as well have been just crossing the wake really fast...

Miserable attempt at a heelside jump Posted by Picasa

But Sean got a few heelside jumps in...

Sean doing a heelside jump Posted by Picasa

After we were all done, we headed on to Ski Shores to grab a bite to eat. Peter whipped the boat in, unknowingly right in front of a boat cop who was eating there. Woops! But he didn't do anything, which was good. Sean's and my burgers took forever to get to us. Well, they say on their website that, "Ski Shores Waterfont Cafe is known for its quality not for its speed." Ain't that the truth!

Anyways, while we were eating, the boat cop left, got on his police boat, and hung out in the water in front of ski shores. As Sean said that he was going to go after this boat about to pass us up, because some dumbass was sitting out in front...the sirens went off, and he flagged the boat down. Don't know what happened, but the cop ended up making them turn around and following/escorting them back, probably to a dock. We all laughed because it was just the timing of the statement and the ensuing events.


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