Saturday, September 10, 2005

Quilting for Katrina

Yesterday, I found this link for an organization called the Linus Connection. They're having a call for quilted, crocheted, knitted, or tied security blankets for the young victims of Hurricane Katrina. Well, I've donated the needed items last week (food, diapers, clothes, water). But the needs will continue as time goes on, as many have lost everything and are having to start their lives anew in places they don't know but now are calling home. Austin is one of them.

I like this idea because it gives me a chance to be creative, and plus, with each handmade blanket -- there is a personal touch. I'm going to go to the fabric store tomorrow and buy supplies to make a quilt. I'm not really a quilter (my mom is), but I know I can make one -- I made one for my puppy 3 years ago..she chewed it to bits, by the way.


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