Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm learnin to fly, but I ain't got wings...

...Comin' down is the hardest thing...

This morning, I went wakeboarding for the first time in over a month and a half. I hopped in downstream by Hula Hut near the dam. That water was pretty choppy, so I didn't do anything crazy there, just rode in between the wakes for a while, worked on my edging between the wakes -- just trying to get back in the groove.

It was just me, Sean, and Stefan, so we rotated pretty fast. My second run was nice -- smooth, glassy water. I decided..ah hell with it, I'm going to try to jump! Well, a heelside one wake jump...we all know I've done my infamous toeside jumps and my dramatic (painfull) toeside faceplants as well...

I didn't quite know what to do and when, I just knew that I had to go out far right, then speed in, crouch down and pop off the wake. Well, first attempt ended up to be an assplant into the water as I edged too far from behind when I landed. Stef and Sean gave me hints as they swung the boat around to pick me up. I had a few more attempts at heelside jumps, which I miserably turned into faceplants upon landing.

My third run was great. Finally getting the hang of heelside one wake jumping. I got two good jumps in, and landed them. I tried to put in harder edges (which makes you go faster and can be intimidating) to get a good pop off the wake. When I say jumping, I'm really not going *that* high or *that* far, but gotta start of small, ya know. I wanted to keep on going, but I was so sore, my body was screaming at me to I gave in soon afterwards. I'm out of wakeboarding shape right now, plus, we didn't have much time to rest between our sessions.

On our way home, Sean and I stopped off by Sail and Ski, the REI of watersports. We wanted to check out the gloves for me. I've been using Karen's gloves, which are mediums. They do the job, but I'm constantly pulling them up. I tried on some smalls, which were still too big. They had one pair of extra smalls and I got them. Damn nice gloves, and damn expensive. My boyfriend loves me ;)

That's a picture of what my new gloves look like:


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