Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricanes suck!

That was a picture that my brother in Houston (Katy, actually) sent me -- it's an image from 4:21am this morn of the traffic snarled while people were trying to get out of Houston. Check out the headline..."33 miles in 11 hours". Yup. The newspaper said that it was about 11 hours to get to Austin (normally 2.5), and about 16 to Dallas. Well, those were the old estimates. Now, it's taking much longer. People are stranded on the roads, out of gas. Frustrated. It's a dangerous situation. The storms will start coming in tomorrow, and if these people are still on the roads...probably more than a million trying to flee Houston/Galveston will be a bad situation.

Because he works for a Nazi company, he had to report to work today, even though they're well damn aware that there's a hurricane that's going to affect the area...(by the way, the important people got to leave early yesterday...)...he got out of work at 1:30pm. It was really too late to leave Houston. He missed the window of opportunity, which really was yesterday.

He, his family, my sister-in-laws family, and my mom are going to ride the hurricane out in Houston. I hope that they are fine throughout the storms. Only time will tell.

It sucks because there is nothing I can do for my family. Really, nothing I can do.

I think in Austin, we'll be fine because the storms are headed more east. We'll probably get some wicked winds and rain, that's about it (hopefully). I'm not worried about me, I'm worried about the many family and friends I have back in my hometown of Houston.

I think it is extremely fucked up that my brother's company made him report to work. What the fuck are they thinking? He's pissed. Oh yeah, we're all pissed about that one. I mean, how selfish, insensitive, and thoughtless can a company be?!?!


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