Saturday, September 24, 2005

Houston/Galveston spared, so far

The hurricane made landfall early this morning near Sabine Pass. At about 10:45 pm yesterday, I had a friend from Houston tell me that it wasn't even raining in west Houston.

Galveston had winds and rain and fires. Unfortunately, three buildings in the historic strand district were ablaze. But if that's the worst of the damage there, then it's not too bad. It's sad that they've lost historic buildings, which are a draw for tourists there. But it could have been much worse.

An apartment caught on fire in Clear Lake off of El Dorado. A strip mall caught on fire in Pasadena. There were power outtages due to the storm.

However, where one place is spared, another is wrecked. The Beumont/Port Arthur area and Lake Charles area were hit pretty directly. And the suffering New Orleans already beaten down by Katrina -- beaten down more as the levees are breeched once again.

The media had focused so much on the Galveston/Houston area, and some are not even shifting to where the damage is now, the smaller towns in east TX and western LA. It seems like the world has forgotten (in the present time) that there are other areas other than Galveston/Houston. But only time will tell how bad the effects of the hurricane really are, as we'll have to wait and see what goes on in the next week. And what about the tornados spawned off of the NE quadrant ahead of the hurricane? Haven't heard anything about those, either.

Last night, I chatted with my brother in Katy. It seemed like they were making the most of it. Prepared. Walter, my brother in law, was making Margaritas, and they were watching Twister.

I also spoke to my mom, who is in Southwest Houston near Braes Bayou, and at the time, she just said that it was windy and raining off and on. She didn't seem to worried at all. We talked about fuzzyy memories of going through Hurricane Alicia back in 1983. My memory was a bit of because I was only 6 years old, but I did remember parts of it. I remembered the boarding up of the windows, as we did everytime a hurricane was threatening, I remember the power being out for a long time, Boo Boo (our dog) having diarrhea episodes by the patio door (my mom said that SHE had to clean it up, no one else would!), I remember the bath tubs being full of water beforehand, I remember going about the house by candle light, and I remember that we all slept in my parent's bedroom by candle light. She laughed at the memories. Hard to believe that was 22 years ago.

On a funnier note, I was watching the feed from, and noticed that the media is just crap. One reporter in the thick of it, reporting in a rainy and windy spot (I can't remember if it was Galveston or Port Arthur) said about the rain, "It's hurting my face!" So well versed.


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