Sunday, July 03, 2005

Wakeboarding and whiplash

Sean and I met Stef at the boat by Hula Hut yesterday morn at about 6:45am. Yeah, 6:45am!!! So anyways, long story short...we met up with Karyn and Kevin as well. Sean rented the Divine again for me..this time, with the Spin boots that come with the Motive board.

I do love the Divine board! I'm able to cross the wakes comfortably, and even did my first unplanned! I crossed the wake to the left, went out, came back to the wake pretty fast, and hopped over the wake to the middle and precariously landed it, crossed the wake to the right, tried to come back over the wake and ate it bad that the wake caught my board, popped it off my feet, and I flew a few feet ahead of my board. I had to swim back to get it.

On my second run, I was feeling really confident, psyching myself out, telling myself that I would do a jump. And I tried...and failed..miserably. I wiped out similar to the way I wiped out before. Once, I ended up doing a 180 while wiping out. Needless to say...I think I'll stick to working on crossing the wakes and not jumping!

Sean worked on jumping this time around, using the Litmus board and Kevin's board. He did really well, got in quite a few jumps and a few spectacular wipeouts.

Kevin and Karyn faded pretty fast. Stef worked on his jumps and ended up with a bad ball slapper.

Today, I've got a wicked case of whiplash from my wipeouts. I could use a nice long massage!

On another note, yesterday, I thought of devising a way to carry a wakeboard on my backpack, so I went to Hancock, bought some clips and belting material.

Backpack, 2 inch wide belting, clips

It's very rudimentary right now...just experimental, but this is what I came up with.

I am going to put padding around the belting, maybe a daisy chain on the belting, and add another strap to my backpack on each side for a little more support. For now though, it'll be something like this.


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