Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh so Divine...

Sean picked me up on his lunch break yesterday, and we headed to Sail and Ski to check out wakeboards to demo. I picked up the Hyperlite Divine 128 board and bindings to demo.

It's so girlie!!! And I actually like it! I mean, I'm not exactly a girlie girl. But I think this board is cute. Sean picked out two boards, a Parks 133 board which is pretty aggressive, and a not so aggressive board..I think a Life Force board.

We were gonna hit up Lake Austin after work. I was to meet them up at the Quinlin Park boat launch after I went home and fed the dogs. And now the to the boat launch...I decided that I would 'be smart' and avoid Cedar Park. Yeah. I decided to go down Crystal Falls and hit Lakeline, which, I figured..Lakeline is a big'll be marked...I ended up in no man's land in the rolling hills of Leander. I turned around in a parking lot, headed back, and turned at a seemingly large road that I thought *might* be Lakeline...nope, wrong again! I was on a road that I have no idea what the name was, but it put me into a housing development with cleared lots on it, and of course, dead end roads. I hit dead end road after dead end road, until I finally found my way out, almost running over a 3 foot snake slithering over the road. I soon gave up, went back almost to 183, and took the route I knew...

I met Stef, Karen, and Sean at the boat launch around 7:30pm. Ah, gotta love summertime with the late sunsets.

And, gotta love gear that fits! I tried out my new wetsuit, which kicks ass. And I tried out the Divine 128. At first, it felt really skatey, like I was sliding on ice. I fell quite a few times before I finally got the hang of it, and it felt good. I did pretty well -- crossed the wake to the right, crossed back over it, and attempted to cross the left wake but fell. Excellent for someone who's chicken of crossing wakes! :)

Unfortunately, Sail and Ski is out of the Divine and won't sell their Sean paid to demo it again (for me) for this long weekend. I really like the board. Seems that the package, the board and bindings is about $300 everywhere. We'll new toy yet!


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