Friday, July 22, 2005

Going on hiatus (vacation)

Hello all, I'm going on hiatus for 6 weeks. I'll be in Argentina! =D

You can follow my adventures here:
It Takes Two to Tango

Hasta luego!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

6 more days till Argentina!!!

My trip's coming up so fast. It was so far away..and's right around the corner. I spent all of yesterday running around town, buying gear and last minute goodies for the trip.

I ended up doing loads and loads of laundry today. It had been a while. And I didn't want to leave the house in shambles ;) I also tried packing all of my things into my backpack, which is 25 L smaller than my old one. Luckily, everything fit in there. It's good to be small -- smaller clothes take up less room!

But until Saturday, I have a million things to take care of. I'll just knock them off my list, one by one...

Chicken dog

My lab is so afraid of thunderstorms. I had opened the shower door to fill the conditioner bottle, and he jumped right in and stayed there for a long time...

Friday, July 15, 2005

Mother fucking irresponsible people who don't take responsibility for their own actions

So this evening I got rear-ended by a car. I am thankful that I'm okay, and that my car is not severely damaged...but..well, here's the story (as I've posted on Craigslist and a website I just created...

Hit and Run accident 183 and Lake Creek Parkway

Accident date: July 15, 2005 - Friday
Accident time: 9:25pm - 9:30 pm
Location: 183 northbound feeder at Lake Creek Parkway, right turnoff onto Lake Creek Parkway

I was hit by a late model dark grey Honda Accord or Civic. I was on the 183 northbound feeder at the Lake Creek Parkway intersection, turning right. I was the first car at the turning area (Lake Creek had a green, so I was stopped to wait for the cars go by). My car (dark blue 2002 Volvo S40 sedan) was rear-ended right there in the turning lane, in front of the Exxon station. I got out of my car, the guy who rear ended me got out (blocking traffic), we looked, and I saw that there were cars behind I asked him courteously to pull into the Exxon so we could settle the issue. Now I know in retrospect, my mistake was putting faith in humankind and trusting that the guy would pull over. But he just took off!!! Yes, he just took off.

Dark grey Honda Accord or Civic, late (recent, within a few years) model
Hispanic male
about 40-45 years old
5'5" to 5'7"
about 190-200+ pounds (obese)
Dark brown eyes
Black hair, kind of messy hair
2 other occupants in vehicle were hispanic. One was a lady.

The car looked very similar (in likeness and color, especially color), to this one:

The worst part...after he hit me, he was laughing about it. Sorry, not a laughing matter.

Please, if anyone saw this accident or has any information about this car...please, please email me. Thank you very much.



I got the kicker in the nuts hard (if I had them) when I pulled into the Exxon..realized that the motherfucker was driving off. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I was already in shock and semi-panic. That soon turned into panic. Not knowing what to do, the 'what-if's' going through my head. I called my boyfriend (who was a bit ahead of me on his way home, we'd just gotten back from eating sushi in town with our friends), paniced voiced, shaken, and he said he'd turn around and meet me at the Exxon. My natural reaction to the whole incident was to start freaking out and start crying. I sat their on the curb of the Exxon by my car, sobbing, freaked out, paniced, enraged like hell. A nice off duty fireman came to talk to me and console me a bit. I just really needed some time to calm down. I was fucking pissed. I put faith in people, you trust them. Well, fuck. So much for being a trusting, nice person. That fucker.

Sean came and consoled me, listened to me yell, curse my head off, and helped calm me down.

That happened about 2 hours ago. I'm still pissed, but have calmed down. I'm going to post a sign this weekend at that intersection. There's no major damage to my car..just some scratches. I'll have to check it out closer in the morning. And Sean had to 'pop' one side of my bumper back in place. But really, it's the principal of the situation. I mean..take responsibility for your own actions, motherfucker! It's not my fault that you don't know how to break, or even yet, apparently, don't know how to drive!!!! Argh!!!!

I hope the motherfucker drives by the sign and is like..oh..that's me...shithead. Yeah, I'm not letting you go that easily motherfucker! shit.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Downward facing doggie style

I decided to check out the Yoga for Climbers class at the rock gym today. I've never done yoga before, I'm pretty clumsy as is, and my balance is horrible...

Yoga kicked my ass!!! The girl who teaches the class, Laura, is so strong, ripped like hell. It was a one hour session..and at points, my legs were quivering with pain, I fell on my face and to the side, I felt lightheaded...damn, I didn't know yoga could be so hard!!! But it was a great session! I am so sore from it.

Some of the poses we did:
- Plank Pose
- Downward-facing Dog -- gee..that's an attractive one ;)
- Salutation Seal
- Half Moon Pose
- Cobra Pose
- Bow Pose
- Eagle Pose
- Plow Pose
- Supported Shoulder Stand
- Upward-facing dog
- Chair Pose
- Extended Side Angle
- Side Plank Pose
- Warrior III pose

We also did a few where we were on our hands, lifting both feet up off the ground in different ways...very hard! And one of them resulted in a face plant to the floor, and thunking and thudding on the floor (from me!).

I'm just glad we didn't do the Wind Relieving pose because I would have made some noise :p

So as I was googling "yoga pose", I came across this site. It is sooooo hilarious!!! :D

Monday, July 11, 2005


Marisa's Spanish vocabulary lesson for the day

I sat there flipping through my Spanish-English dictionary to come up with translations for my packing list...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Learning to purl

I spent quite a bit of time in front of the tele this weekend...and learning to purl. Purl? What's that? Well, it's a knitting stitch? I don't even know the terminology :p

But I tried, failed a few times, then finally pinned it down. The next step was to try the stockinette stitch. I started knitting a skinny scarf with mostly stockinette pattern, broken up by a few garter knitted rows.

And here is my attempt (same yarn, I know..I'm not going to get any fancy yarn until I know what I'm doing):

Whipped by chains

On Friday, I managed to wrap a necklace around the polishing buff at work. Fuck, I was on the last step, about 5 minutes from being completely finished with this piece...and mother fucker...the chain got caught and spun around the buff...loudly clunking against the metal hood with every rotation until I turned it off.

Well, needless to say, I ruined the chain, will have to re-do the project over...but at least the diamonds in the piece did not break! Phew!

But I did get some battle scars from the incident.

That's my left thumb, 2 clear wounds, 2 others that don't show up in the picture

And that's a blood blister on my right thumb. Apparently, the chain had whipped me on my right thumbnail as well. But hey, at least I still have all my fingers...could have been worse!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London bombings

UnFUCKINGbelievable. I just don't see what drives people to do these kinds of things. Why.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Christmas in July

Look what Sean bought for us yesterday!!! :D New toys. I like new toys...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First knitted scarf

I *finally* finished my first knitted scarf...a project that I had started months ago in front of the boob tube. It's a very, very simple striped scarf. I based it off of instructions in the Stitch and Bitch Handbook.

Voila, it's finished! Posted by Picasa

It's kind of wobbly at the stripes. But hey, it's a first!

Close up of the scarf Posted by Picasa

I think I'm going to give it to my friend Isis, who I met in Zacatecas, Mexico last year. She was so kind, being a friend of a friend's boyfriend of a friend, to show me her town, teach me about Mexican culture, and to take me in on New Years Eve -- a holiday celebrated with family and close friends.

July 4th Wakeboarding Festivities

July 4th..ahh...a holiday. Long weekends are so nice :) What better way to celebrate than to wake up at the ass crack of dawn and go wakeboarding! ;)

Four swans swimming away as the sun rises before 7 am Posted by Picasa

Sean and I left the house at about 6:00 am to get to Walsh Boat Landing on Lake Austin. The regular festivities took place. Today, it was just me, Sean, Karyn, and Stef.

No need to bore you non-wakeboarders with the details (or my 'dull' writing for that matter >:p ) sum it up, Sean worked on jumping, had some interesting wipeouts; I worked on hard edging between the wakes, had a few stout face-plants into the water; Stef and Karyn worked on surface 180s.

Here are some pics for entertainment value...

Sean - first to go in close to the dam Posted by Picasa

Me crossing the wake...sticking my bum out too much Posted by Picasa

Karyn getting a little bit of airtime Posted by Picasa

Stef getting high Posted by Picasa

Sean - learning to fly Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

On the brink of delirium

Whenever we plan to go hiking, we try to get up early and have an early start to the day to beat the heat. Well, we are lazy, like to snooze the alarm, and sleep in.

Sean and I headed off to the Good Water Trail at Lake Georgetown. This trail is one that I have wanted to do for a long time. It's a trail you can park one car at one trailhead, hike, camp overnight, and end up at the other trailhead -- a 16.6 mile hike. I wanted to get in shape physically to do it last year, but never did. I still want to do the entire trail. But today was a daytrip, one where we would have to go out and back. My goal was to hike 8 miles. But with the blazing sun, cloudless sky, and 104 degree temperatures, limited water supplies, we made it a 7 mile hike instead.

The hike starts at a trailhead and a rocky pathway. We hiked through what looked to be a juniper forest, my winter allergy nemisis. We hiked through the semi-shaded forest for a while until we came to a clearing where we saw our first glimpse of Lake Georgetown.

First glimpse of Lake Georgetown - Mile 1 Posted by Picasa

Then we came across a cliff area, where the lady at the ranger station said is where all the young people go to jump of the cliff. We found discarded beercans and trash there, so it seemed to be quite the local summer party spot amongst the suburbian youth.

Me at the cliffs that 'all the young people jump off of' - Mile 1 Posted by Picasa

Getting to Milepost 1 seemed longer than it was. I didn't think I would make it that far today, since that first mile was a killer...not in terrain, length, or whatnot...but it was the heat that was the main factor. The nice part of this hike though, was that it followed the lake from above. Oh, it was so tempting to jump in.

A view of the trail - Mile 1-2 Posted by Picasa

Somewhere around 2.5 miles in, we found an area that had been previously settled. You could see the remains of an old corral and an old stone house. According to the history, this land held a flour mill in 1855, operated by Benjamin Gooch and John Owen. Then in 1879, James Knight bought the land and started a truck garden and grew vegetables, including the first strawberries to be grown in Williamson County. They chose this area to settle in because there is a natural spring that feeds through this area, which makes the land a fertile area.

Neat old corral fence - Mile 2 Posted by Picasa

Old stone house from the mid 1800's - Mile 2 Posted by Picasa

Just beyond the stone house is Crocket Springs/Gardens, the natural fed spring that flows through and ends up as a small waterfall trickling down the limestone rocks and rock cliffs to Lake Georgetown. Following rains, I think the waterfalls would be quite impressive. We took a break down by the waterfalls, a nice cool shaded area. People pulled up on their boat and jetski to check out the falls. The kids hiked up the cliff and jumped off. The water was so nice, a crystally emerald green-blue color, much nicer than polluted Lake Travis.

Crocket Springs - Mile 2.5 Posted by Picasa

Just beyond the waterfalls and back on the path was the crossing of the springs -- a stone pathway laid out to cross the spring, and a lush green garden with huge elephant ear plants nearby.

Crocket Springs/Gardens - Mile 2.5 Posted by Picasa

Crocket Gardens - Mile 2.5 Posted by Picasa

We headed on...the trail opened up to be less shady, difficult in the full sun and high heat of the day. We got to about mile 3.5, when I ran out of water in my 2 liter camelback -- which was a sign to turn around soon. We found shade, refilled our camelbacks, and headed back. Of course the hike back is not as fun. We trucked for about 1.5 miles, then took a break. We continued on like that until the end. The last mile seemed to be the hardest. We were both a little headachey, overheated, and wanting to get back to the car. Both on the brink of delirium.

Heading back..the last mile Posted by Picasa

That was one of the most interesting hikes I've done around central Texas. The trail was very quiet -- only encountered two people when we were hiking in, and 2 people when we were hiking out...besides the kids going to the cliffs. If you don't mind the sound of boats and jetskis, it's a nice hike. There is a lot to see on the hike. We only hiked 3.5 of the 16.6 mile trail. It holds so much more.

When we got home, we both took about a 2 hour nap.

Wakeboarding and whiplash

Sean and I met Stef at the boat by Hula Hut yesterday morn at about 6:45am. Yeah, 6:45am!!! So anyways, long story short...we met up with Karyn and Kevin as well. Sean rented the Divine again for me..this time, with the Spin boots that come with the Motive board.

I do love the Divine board! I'm able to cross the wakes comfortably, and even did my first unplanned! I crossed the wake to the left, went out, came back to the wake pretty fast, and hopped over the wake to the middle and precariously landed it, crossed the wake to the right, tried to come back over the wake and ate it bad that the wake caught my board, popped it off my feet, and I flew a few feet ahead of my board. I had to swim back to get it.

On my second run, I was feeling really confident, psyching myself out, telling myself that I would do a jump. And I tried...and failed..miserably. I wiped out similar to the way I wiped out before. Once, I ended up doing a 180 while wiping out. Needless to say...I think I'll stick to working on crossing the wakes and not jumping!

Sean worked on jumping this time around, using the Litmus board and Kevin's board. He did really well, got in quite a few jumps and a few spectacular wipeouts.

Kevin and Karyn faded pretty fast. Stef worked on his jumps and ended up with a bad ball slapper.

Today, I've got a wicked case of whiplash from my wipeouts. I could use a nice long massage!

On another note, yesterday, I thought of devising a way to carry a wakeboard on my backpack, so I went to Hancock, bought some clips and belting material.

Backpack, 2 inch wide belting, clips

It's very rudimentary right now...just experimental, but this is what I came up with.

I am going to put padding around the belting, maybe a daisy chain on the belting, and add another strap to my backpack on each side for a little more support. For now though, it'll be something like this.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh so Divine...

Sean picked me up on his lunch break yesterday, and we headed to Sail and Ski to check out wakeboards to demo. I picked up the Hyperlite Divine 128 board and bindings to demo.

It's so girlie!!! And I actually like it! I mean, I'm not exactly a girlie girl. But I think this board is cute. Sean picked out two boards, a Parks 133 board which is pretty aggressive, and a not so aggressive board..I think a Life Force board.

We were gonna hit up Lake Austin after work. I was to meet them up at the Quinlin Park boat launch after I went home and fed the dogs. And now the to the boat launch...I decided that I would 'be smart' and avoid Cedar Park. Yeah. I decided to go down Crystal Falls and hit Lakeline, which, I figured..Lakeline is a big'll be marked...I ended up in no man's land in the rolling hills of Leander. I turned around in a parking lot, headed back, and turned at a seemingly large road that I thought *might* be Lakeline...nope, wrong again! I was on a road that I have no idea what the name was, but it put me into a housing development with cleared lots on it, and of course, dead end roads. I hit dead end road after dead end road, until I finally found my way out, almost running over a 3 foot snake slithering over the road. I soon gave up, went back almost to 183, and took the route I knew...

I met Stef, Karen, and Sean at the boat launch around 7:30pm. Ah, gotta love summertime with the late sunsets.

And, gotta love gear that fits! I tried out my new wetsuit, which kicks ass. And I tried out the Divine 128. At first, it felt really skatey, like I was sliding on ice. I fell quite a few times before I finally got the hang of it, and it felt good. I did pretty well -- crossed the wake to the right, crossed back over it, and attempted to cross the left wake but fell. Excellent for someone who's chicken of crossing wakes! :)

Unfortunately, Sail and Ski is out of the Divine and won't sell their Sean paid to demo it again (for me) for this long weekend. I really like the board. Seems that the package, the board and bindings is about $300 everywhere. We'll new toy yet!