Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome to the Twilight Zone...

On Tuesday night, Sean and I went to Graffiti's, a small bar hidden in an industrial park off of McNeil. Why there? Well, Victor, our tour guide from Belize had sent me an email saying that he and his girlfriend would be in town and his little brother's band,Bent Left, was playing in town. So we went to check it out.

We got there around 8:15pm-ish. It was pretty quiet, we looked around..hmmm..we were a bit confused. So we went up to the bartender to ask if there was going to be a band playing there. The bartender, I think is name was Joe, said they had just left for the store and were coming back. So we hung out at the bar.

Joe asked if I was 18, I said, "No, 21"...then I said.."No, 28, I mean!". LOL Oops. It's a Cheers type bar..the "where everyone knows your name" type of place. You could tell everyone there (except for us) were regulars.

The locals there were so funny and friendly. There was the guy sitting next to me, aka "Nerd", who showed us his license pic and said that it was from when he was 21..and now he's 33. Then there was the guy sitting next to Sean, an old man wearing a cowboy hat. A talkative fellow.

The people next to the Nerd were a group of a few people..2 girls and a guy would come and talk to them every once in a while. One of the girls had made a beer-moonshine bomb..and would not drink it..she sipped a bit..then didn't drink anymore. Then the old man with the hat asked us if we'd ever tried moonshine before. We said no. Then he pulls out this silver flask and asks us if we want some. He said he always keeps a flask handy. Sean and I ended up just putting our fingertip over the bottle and tasting it on our finger. After all, it was Tuesday night..long week ahead if I went too crazy.

I can't remember how..but I found out the girl next to the Nerd was also named Marisa...same spelling. Then I found out she was from Thailand as well! She said she was born in New York and moved to Thailand when she was really young...I'm the opposite. How bizarre!!! Yes, the Twilight Zone. That was so frikkin' bizarre. She ended up going home and had invited me to Karaoke night at the bar on Wed night for her birthday. Joe, the bartender, gave me the nickname of "Marisa 2".

Sarah, Valentine, and Darran showed up. We moved from the bar and to these rolling chairs, where we were playing bumper chairs for a bit and hanging out.

The opening guy played a few songs. The Bent Left started playing. Victor, his girlfriend, and friend showed up, so we waved to them. The guys in the band are all so young..oh, how I wish I was young again ;) After the band was done, we all chit chatted for a while. I was drunk off of 3 beers and had a perma-grin on my face, as usual. It was nice to hang out and catch up.


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