Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our Dog, "Radar"

On Tuesday, Sean took the pups to the vet to have their teeth cleaned. Just past 7pm, he called me at the house, laughing up a storm, telling me to wait on the driveway. The vet put an Elizabethan collar on Bonnie because she had an eye allergy that caused her eye to swell. Poor dog.

Bonnie and Sean in the car Posted by Hello

Bonnie the Radar dog Posted by Hello


Blogger lys said...

Poor Bonnie!

But I have to say, a ferret in an Elizabethan collar is an even funnier sight! They manage to squirm out of them really quickkly, though.

1:33 AM  
Blogger marisa said...

Oh my, I'd have to see that!!! :p

6:08 PM  

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