Monday, June 27, 2005

The Incomplete Water Ballet

Yesterday, Sean and I went climbing at Reimer's Ranch. Didn't take any pics this time because they pretty much look the same :p Well, because it's only the two of to take pics while one is belaying!

Anyways, I do have to say that I had my first attempt at a 5.10c called Water Ballet on Dead Cat's Wall (top rope). I impressed the hell out of myself by working my way up pretty quickly and relatively easily. Sean worked to the left of the route and had troubles beginning it. I worked to the right of the route because I loved the small finger pocket holds available. Finger pockets are so good for small people with small hands. I used the finger holds, pinched and crimped all the way a stopping point, where I got confused. Sean told me at that point to work left. I tried once, but I was pretty pumped by then and gave in. I should have tried a few more times, but I was feeling lazy on trying it. I didn't even think I'd get to the point I did..which was a little below the bulge at the top. 5.10c. Yeah! Working on up in the world!

And today, my fingers are really sore from those moves :p


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