Friday, May 27, 2005

Think pink, part II

Last night, I trimmed my hair by about an inch or so. Then when Sean came home, I had him straighten out the mess that I had created. After that, I used the rest of my Red Passion Manic Panic hair dye. There are still some parts that are orange, but the pink took on pretty well. I didn't have enough to get it all over the place..that, and I didn't try that hard with the dye job either :p

My hair's grown out quite a bit. So it looks a little funny part black, part pink..although people would pay loads of money to have that look!

When I got to work today, I had Sarah French braid my hair so that the braids would be the pink part. I love this look! Here's what turned out:

wicked hair...left side Posted by Hello

right side Posted by Hello

right side Posted by Hello

left side..yes, apparently I dyed my scalp pink too!!! :p  Posted by Hello


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