Tuesday, May 17, 2005

$0.50 Garage Sale pants reconstructed into new climbing capris!

When I took Shadow Garage Sale shopping on Saturday, I happened upon a pair of pants for $0.50. They were a size 4, a few sizes too big. But I thought..hmm..these would make some great climbing capris with some alterations! And for $0.50, I couldn't go wrong. I mean, if I miserably failed at my experiment, I could just pass them on to Goodwill.

50 cent pants post waist adjustment Posted by Hello

They're American Eagle cargo style pants. Too big and too long for me normally, and extremely not flattering in the rear view! But hey, I'm no climbing fashionista...I could use the extra room in the pants to make some crazy moves!

50 cent pants post waist adjustment Posted by Hello

The very fist alteration I had to do was to make it smaller around the waist. I surveyed my options, and figured the best way was to move the two yoke buttons over a bit. I tried it on, it fit better. But it's still loose. So the next thing I have to do (I haven't yet), is to move the buttons on the sides over a bit (there's a strap + button on each side). Last resort would be to sew pieces of elastic on the inside, so the pants would fit against me, rather than riding down all the time :p

50 cent pants - first reconstructions Posted by Hello

The other alteration I did to them was to chop the oh-so long legs off! I chopped them below my knee, initially. That way, I could hem them up. I'm still not sure how I'm going to finish them -- whether it be a simple hem, a hem with a drawstring, or a hem with a slit on each side. I guess I'll figure that out later...


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