Monday, April 04, 2005

Reimers Ranch

On Sunday, Sean and I went to Reimers Ranch to have a climbing meetup. We had planned to meet a few folks there at 8am. Well, we were running late anyways, and got there around 8:30. No one was there, so we waited around. We figure that people forgot about the time change. Mari pulled up. Then Matt and Rachel pulled up as well.

Me at the Reimers sign Posted by Hello

We all headed on out, and hiked down the valley to Dead Cats Wall area. Matt had a newly bought crash pad. Looked pretty funny walking with it. Mari had suggested that he make a cover for it and go as Sponge Bob Squarepants. :)

We passed Sex Cave, Sex Canyon, Zoe's Wall, Serpent Wall, and then ended up at Dead Cats. It was nice, because there was no one there, so we had first dibs on the routes. Rachel lead Clawing Zoe, a 5.7, while Sean lead Hissing Cloe, a 5.8 next to it. They did it no problem. I just wanted to top rope before even trying to lead outdoors. I toproped Hissing Cloe, and got stuck at the just got smooth, I had no idea where to go (so much for a warm up route!), so I had Sean lower me down.

After finishing up those routes Dead Cats got really popular and a lot of people showed up, so we headed to Back Flip, a 5.9 that Rachel first lead. She is an awesome climber! So strong, great endurance, and damn fearless!!! I toproped Back Flip, got most of the way to the top, and got lost more, and then just gave in and was lowered down. I'm a damn chicken. Matt and Sean, of course, were leading all the time. One of the guys hopped on Name Unknown, a 5.9 and lead it as well.

Mari belaying Sean (foreground), Rachel belaying Matt Posted by Hello

Matt on Back Flip (left), Sean on Name Unknown (right) Posted by Hello

I toproped Name Unknown, and yeah, I finally made it up a route!!! Gosh, it took me a while that day. It was a good one, too.

Rachel lead Water Ballet, a wicked 5.10c, which I had no desire to touch at all. Well, maybe I could have tried to toprope it, but it was kinda too late because Rachel had left the quickdraws at the top, and taken the rest down..and Matt tried to lead it, but couldn't get to the top. So the goal was to get the quickdraws down!

reimers Posted by Hello

Some other routes we did were...on Dead Cat's Annex, The Sting, a 5.9, and Mammaz Boyz, another 5.9. The Sting goes to the left of a hole in the wall where bees buzz in and out of. It was actually quite interesting! Starting the Sting was the hardest part...the first two moves, pretty much...bad for short people, so we used Matt's crash pad to booster us up. At the level where the bee hive was, you could hear them buzzing, but they were a few feet away, so nothing to worry about.

Mammaz Boyz ran to the right of the bee cave. That one was a fun one, a bit challenging at the top. Close to the top, it turns into little crimps, and little feet. Rachel was belaying me, and told me to lean in, use those crimps, and watch my feet. And it worked. Something I really need to work on is my fancy footwork!

Me belaying Rachel, who's way above, out of the picture! Posted by Hello

After that, Mari left because she had to do some schoolwork..grading papers and such. So then we headed out of the sun, and to My Name is Mud, a 5.9, where Rachel lead. I toproped it after her, and got to the cave area, where I was just too exhausted to go on, so I had her lower me.

Matt on My Name is Mud Posted by Hello

Matt finished the day by leading My Name is Mud and cleaning the route.

Little puppy at Reimers Posted by Hello

We were all pretty zonked at the end of the day...8 hours of climbing!!! Ran into quite a few familiar faces - Brooke, Manny, Jessica and her dude, etc...all from the gym.


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