Tuesday, April 12, 2005

need to update this thing...

So...what's gone on lately..hmm...let me think

On Saturday, Sean planted a Southern Magnolia in our backyard. It looks to be doing okay so far. I guess time will tell. It already endured it's first storm the other night.

Saturday, I met Natalie and Sarah from the Glitterati group at Bouldin Creek Cafe, for breakfast and to go to the Gem and Jewelry (bead) show. Boulding Creek is such a cute place. It's actually the place that Natalie and I first met at! Memories ;)

Well, after breakfast, we headed over to the Palmer events center. We were going to park across the street for free, and as we were turning onto the street, we saw a bike mangled in the middle of the road, and a metro bus stopped. Not a pretty site. We looked around, and hoped that the bus somehow fell of the front of the bike and was run over...so we parked, walked down the road, and asked a lady what happened. She said that a girl was on her bike (the girl was now across the street, unharmed, on her mobile), thought the bus saw her..the bus driver did not see her and came right at her, she jumped off and ran across the street, the bus hit her bike, which was completely mangled. She got away with a few scrapes on her leg. Amazing.

Needless to say, we all bought lots of beads and stuff. I spent about $70 on some fun stuff. Got lots of pearl strands this time, and quite a few $2 gemstone strands. Went back to SunLight Gems (as I did last year), and bought a lot of stuff. Last year, Natalie and I went, and I got picked up by one of the guys who wanted to party with us. He gave me great deals and discounts. I was thinkin...hm...discounts? I'll flirt for discounts! So anyways, that guy wasn't there. There was one guy, helping out. Being the friendly person that I am, I talked to that guy, Osiris alot while I was shopping for beads. He had a British accent, but lived in NY and now LA. I guess I can talk to anyone about anything. Because he mentioned having size 16 shoes, and I told him my coworker (Aaron) weres size 16. Blah blah blah. Sometimes I think I just need to shut up! :p So anyways, I go and pay for my stuff, and talk to the cashier guy (Adam..Adam and Osiris are cousins). I tell Adam that I wish I could play with the nicer stuff..then Adam offers me a job...to help out at the Dallas and/or Houston shows - $100 including hotel. I get Adam's #, and tell him I'll think about it...

After the show, we headed back to Bouldin Creek cafe to check out our booty that we got. We all did well. :)

Sunday was a lazy day, woke up late, ran errands - pet store, fabric store, climbing down south - where I kicked ass!!!, Barnes and Noble to buy a Learn Swahili book..yes..I'm trying to learn Swahili!!!, grocery store, and then home...it was a long day.


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