Friday, April 29, 2005

My new climbing pants!

I finally finished sewing a pair of climbing capri pants. I started the project a few weeks ago, but got really lazy and put it off. Now, it's all done :) Yay, I have new pants now!!!

Modelling my new pants with Bonnie Posted by Hello

I used New Look pattern #6763 (it's a really really old one, and they don't even have it on their website) as the base and altered the pattern to suit my needs. The original pattern calls for capri pants with a yoke, zipper closure with front fly and two buttons on the yoke.

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The fabric I used was one that I had bought yards and yards of for dirt cheap back when I was living in San Antonio (oh, it's been with me either in boxes or in a closet for...I'd say...about 6-8 years!). It's real shiny on the inside, soft and shimmery on the outside. I also used this fabric to make my dog a dragonfly costume for Halloween last year :p Also, I didn't have enough thread of the matching color, so I decided to use a light blue thread to contrast against the dark blue pants. Worked out great!

Me with Belle, who was trying to jump on my lap, and Shadow Posted by Hello

I sewed the legs and yoke on, tried the pants on and decided that with the yoke as the waistband, it was going to sit way high..and I don't like that! So I used the yoke, folded it in half, and created my own waistband. I had to snip the inside of the waistband/yoke because it was curving inward (original pattern). By clipping the inside, I was able to create an even waistband.

Bonnie, Belle sticking her tongue out, me, and Shadow Posted by Hello

I kept the original zippered fly. Rather than a button closure on the yoke/waistband, I sewed a velcro closure (just makes more sense when it comes to outdoor activities). I also made the slit up the side of the legs a lot higher than the pattern calls for - just bout mid-knee. Again, I'm thinking of a climbing perspective...making moves...need flexibility (the fabric is not stretchy). I'll protect my knees by having the capris go just below my knees. But the slit is critical for making moves! The pants are loose in the leg and unflattering in the ass. But I made em practical. Hopefully they'll hold up to the real test! Oh yeah, and speaking of practical...I do need to add one thing to these pants - a loop on the back of the waistband - a place to clip a chalk bag to my pants!

My pants - side view with slit Posted by Hello

And all this for..oh..materials and everything, about $2-$3!!! There's no way in hell I'm paying $60 for some Prana pants...I am no climbing fashionista!


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