Monday, April 25, 2005

It's wabbit season!!!

So....last night, I was almost asleep, starting to drift away in la la land...and I awake to Sean telling me a story of how Belle, our beagle, caught an animal, possibly a possum...So he was calling the dogs in, and saw she had something in her mouth...he tried to pry it from her mouth, and she gulped the creature down.

So tonight, Sean yells, "She's got another one!!!" Belle was at the back door, with a critter in her mouth - you could see it's legs hanging out...and she was wagging her tail like crazy. You could hear the critter squeek as it was in her mouth. Between me screeching and freaking out, and Sean not knowing what to do...Sean finally got a pair of gardening gloves on, and pried her jaws open...and got the critter out. Only to find out that the critter was not some repulsive being..but a cute little bunny rabbit!!! :( Damn, why couldn't it have been some ugly rat or something?

So anyways, now we're having to escort the dogs outside...which is really annoying...we can't find the rabbits in our yard though..don't know where she gets them!

But since she brought it back to us, paraded around and such, I thought it might be instinctual. I knew Beagles were hunters by smell...and sure enought I looked it up and found that they are rabbit hunters!!! She's just doing her "job"...


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