Saturday, April 16, 2005

I play with broken glass...

So many, many months ago, I started to work on a mosaic (my first mosaic ever!) at one of the Glitterati meet ups. This was a long time ago. I only needed one session left to finish tiling it. So I decided..well..before I finish the gnome, I *must* finish my mosaic!!! As a matter of fact, I would not let myself leave until I finished it.

Many, many months the beginning... Posted by Hello

The workshop was decently busy for a lazy sunny Saturday. There was one group in there, a party. And a man named George working on a tile with a Mexican dog on it. He brought his dog, Mystic, who is completely blind. A cute puppy.

Mosaic in progress Posted by Hello

I spent about 3 hours working on my mosaic -- it's something I just randomly drew on the frame...inspired by lotus flower designs. I cut my hand twice on the edge of the mosaic -- sliced by the broken glass. Well, I'll need to let the adhesive set for a day or two..then I'll grout it :)

Mosaic, fully step is to grout it Posted by Hello

Another shot of my pre-grouted mosaic Posted by Hello

I wanted to work on my gnome some, but thought that 3 hours was enough...I needed to head out. Depending on what I'm doing tomorrow, and how long I go climbing for, I might stop by the workshop in the afternoon...see if I can meet up with Natalie, Lisa, and Dixie to paint our gnomes bit more...


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