Saturday, April 30, 2005

Good ole Pecan Street Festival...always fun!

Today, Sean and I hit up the Pecan Street festival. Always good for people watching, talking to the vendors/artisans, and getting ideas.

We ran into Natalie just off of Red River. She had an awesome location for her booth - Ornamental Things. James was helping her out with her booth. We chatted for a while with two of her friends.

For the most part, it's the same type of vendors: jewelry, wind chimes, clothing, woodwork, paintings, photography prints, food, metalwork, etc. But it's always fun to go and to people watch. And of course, I have some of my the person with the booth with the silly, goofy dog and cat paintings.

Sean at the silly pet painting booth Posted by Hello

Me at the silly pet paintng booth - dogs drinking Posted by Hello

There was a couple we were walking behind, and they were total rockabilly. The guy was dressed greaser 50's style to the T. Crazy greased big hair, tight shirt - his tits were bigger than mine. And she had some pale ass makeup on.

I'm tired, so that's about all I'm going to write about it. It was fun. :) And here are some more pics from Pecan Street...

Texas wind chime Posted by Hello

"No Farting" sign Posted by Hello

Sean trying to eat the huge spamburger Posted by Hello

Sean at the spam-mobile Posted by Hello

Me trying to heat the spamburger Posted by Hello


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