Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gnome gnight!

Last night, I went to The Workshop for a Glitterati meet up. It was gnome gnight!!! Well, a few meetings ago, we joked around about getting together and painting ceramic unicorns...well..unicorns turned into gnomes, and people got really excited. Research was done and a ceramic gnome supplier in town was found. So we had the meet up. It was so fun!! The turn out was great - lots of Glitterati there, as well as other groups painting gnomes.

My scary gnome Posted by Hello

I bought large one, which...we all found out as we were in the midst of painting them..was a lot more work than any of us had imagined!!! I started to get lazy and um...paint like a preschooler. Oh well. I think he'll be cute, anyways. Needless to say, a lot of us did not fully complete our gnomes. A few more coats of paint are needed!

Gnomes from Gnome Gnight! Posted by Hello

I think I'm going to swing by the workshop in the early part of the day tomorrow. I actually think I'm going to finish up my mosaic that I've left there..for..well..ages. That just needs one more session, and will be done, so I should do that one first! Then I'll continue on with my gnome...


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