Saturday, April 16, 2005

Girl party!!!

Molly, Sarah's (my coworker) sister had a girl party at her house this afternoon. Boozing, hula hooping, food, and good ole fun.

Hula hooping fun Posted by Hello

I got there around 4:30ish. Met quite a few people - Elise -- Sarah and Molly's cousin, Chris - a girl who makes hula hoops and sells them, Melissa, Shauna, Ann and her cousin Erin, two Stephanies, etc. I hit the drinks first, then Molly passed out jello shots...hit the food, there was some good food there :) Then we all headed outside.

More hula hooping fun Posted by Hello
Chris brought her 9 week old chocolate lab puppy, Miles...he was soooo cute! :) Rambunctious and playing with Molly's 1 yr old rescue yellow lab, Leon. Ada and her sister came by a bit later. Ada came to the party wearing a tee shirt that said, "I work for Dick". It was pretty hilarious.

We all hula hooped like crazy. Sarah had mastered working the hula hoop from her waist up to her neck, over her head on her arm and back. She also did quite an awesome job at hula hooping with one hoop, then bringing it up on her wrist, raised up above her head, and picking up another hoop with her other hand, and hula hooping with it around her waist.

A few girls mastered hula hooping around their necks Posted by Hello

Oh gawd, I need to lose my belly!!! Posted by Hello

I wonder how good of a workout this is... Posted by Hello

There was also a pink flamingo pinata hanging from a tree. Ada put her pink cowgirl hat on was so perfect. :p

The pink flamingo pinata with Ada's pink cowgirl hat Posted by Hello

Pink flamingo pinata with hula hoopers in the background Posted by Hello


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