Saturday, April 23, 2005

Crazy dogs...

This morning I decided to take Bonnie and Shadow to Brushy Creek Lake Park for a hike/walk. Well, I *really wanted to go to Inks Lake, but I'd have to go hike alone...Bonnie behaves best on a leash out of the three, but she gets car sick (Inks Lake is a decent drive out). Shadow behaves the best in the car, but is awful on a leash! Ugh. Decisions! So anyways, I decided to take the two to Brushy Creek, a mere 5-7 minutes away. Belle had a vet appointment, so I left her at home..and besides, I cannot handle all three of them!!!

Shadow and Bonnie Posted by Hello

Shadow is familiar with the park. I took him there once before. He kept on pulling and pulling, as soon as we stepped out of the car. I tried the "making them sit if they pull" training trick that Maria, our dog trainer teacher, taught us, but it was so frustrating. We'd go 1 foot, I'd make them sit. Go another foot, make them sit...etc. I soon gave in, and once we got to the waterfront (hardly a lake, but rather a little dammed up area), let them off their leashes. Shadow instantly hit the water. That's what he's all about!

I got his football out, threw it in the water for him to chase. He's been gaining some weight, so he really needed the exercise, too! Bonnie, too afraid to jump in the water, would run with shadow to the edge, stop on a little mound before the water, and watch him swim out to his ball. She eventually gave in and tip-toed her way into the water, until she was about chest deeper than that!

Bonnie finally getting her paws wet Posted by Hello

They're silly dogs. They had so much fun. But they wouldn't listen to me..gotta crack out that training whip again!!! ;)

Bonnie wading in the water, Shadow swimming back with his ball Posted by Hello

We walked down the pathway along the waterfront and ended up at a sandy area where people launch their canoes and kayaks. I threw Shadow's ball for him there, and of course, he loved it. Met some canoers and kayakers who were bringing their boats in, and an older couple who wanted to take pictures of Shadow chasing his ball in the water.

Bonnie and Shadow at the kayak/canoe launch site Posted by Hello

I thought letting them offleash and having Shadow go swimming would be good, so that he'd walk more politely on the leash...boy was I wrong!!! I wanted to do a decent walk...3-7 miles..but no way. I turned around walked back, got to a grassy area, and threw his ball for him on land. Then headed home after that. No exercise for me, it was the doggies' day out!

Shadow and Bonnie (radar ear) Posted by Hello

The doggies chillin' in the grass Posted by Hello


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