Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Adventures in dog shearing

On Sunday, Sean and decided to go crazy and shave Bonnie and Belle. We were just thinking that they could use a spring/summer hair cut ;) So we got the electric razor out, went out to the patio with the dogs...and shaved away...

Bonnie looks happy here, getting some attention... Posted by Hello

Bonnie seemed so happy that we were paying attention to her, and playing with her..I think she thought it was a game...her wagging tail soon became the tail tucked in between her legs as she learned...hey, this isn't so fun! The spots on her neck stood out really well, since we shaved her.

Not so happy anymore... Posted by Hello

Poor Bonnie...look at all the fur on the ground!!! Posted by Hello

Then was Belle's turn. Actually, Sean just wanted to be mean and shave a stripe down her back..he enjoyed it thoroughly. But I made him finish up the job and shave the rest of her. She turned out blondish, with a dark stripe down her back!

Belle's shaved stripe Posted by Hello

Sean's getting way too much enjoyment out of this Posted by Hello

Belle's shaved back Posted by Hello

Tonight, the weather cleared up, so Sean and I took the doggies for about a 1.5 mile walk. We went down to the other side of Crystal Falls, and walked along the new gravel walkway they put in for the kiddos walking to the new elementary school.

Shadow passed out after a walk Posted by Hello


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