Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Playing tourist!

My friend Mikkel, from BootsnAll came in town on Friday. I got to play hostess/tourist, which was fun.

Friday eve, Sean picked him up from the hostel (he was ridesharing from New Orleans to Austin, and the caravan stayed at the hostel). We met up with Kevin and Diana for sushi at Mikado Ryotei, and got a huge boat of sushi!

Afterwards, we dropped off my car at Kevin and Diana's, then went to the Red Eyed Fly to see Al's band, The Midgetmen play, since we haven't seen one of their shows yet. And we hadn't seen any of those guys since Drew and Gwen's wedding, back in May.

We got to the Red Eyed Fly around 10, but Al's band wasn't going to start playing until 11. We ran into Al there, and hung out with him. Then we talked to Jon, the really really tall bass player in the band. Ironically enough, he's from London, Ontario, too, so Mikkel and Jon talked about good ole' London. What a small world!

We ended up running into a lot of old faces...Al and Petro (of course, they're in the band), Pratt, Jason and Amy, Al's girlfriend, and Rick.


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