Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Pardi Gras, man!!!

Saturday, Sean, Peter, Mikkel and I went rock climbing at the south gym. They wouldn't let me use my daypass, saying that it wasn't valid for the belay safety course. I think it's a load of bull, but whatever! It was fun :)

Climbing Posted by Hello

In the evening, we met up with the guys that Mikkel met in New Orleans, and hung out with them on 6th Street. We dragged Peter along with us. I think he was amused, though. Good entertainment. I met the folks that Mikkel's doing the roadtrip with: Benny from CT, Julie and Gary from Scotland, Pierre from Montreal, and Mark from England. I also met a girl and a guy from San Marcos -- Sarah and Brian, who are going to Chile to study abroad next year. They were pretty cool to talk with. A drunken me exchanted emails with Sarah, because it's so hard to find people into travelling in or even near town. I need to find that email now ;)

Sean carrying my drunk ass. I don't remember this part! Posted by Hello

Sad to say that I'm quite a lightweight nowadays. I had 3 screwdrivers (although I remember the first one being really strong!!), and got really drunk. Walking back to Peter's, I slipped a few times on the slippery rocks, and almost ate it on my ass.

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Me, Sean, Mark, Peter, Pierre Posted by Hello


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