Wednesday, February 02, 2005

One scarf down, one hat on the way!

My scarf, finished! Now I need to dye it... Posted by Hello

I finally finished my scarf last night. It's over 5 ft long (taller than me!). And well, one side is wider than the other...hey, I'm learning ;) I used all treble stitches in it. I seem to have that one down now! I'm planning on dying it, but since it's cheapo acrylic yarn, it'll be an experiment.

So I decided to take on another project. I'm going to *try* to make a hat from my book, Hip to Crochet. More cheapo acrylic yarn, since I don't want to waste the good stuff! But this time, it's a multicolored yarn, so if it turns out, I think it'll be cute. Another hat to add to my collection! I love hats :D

Here's a pic of the hat I'm trying to make from the book. And a pic of what I have done so far -- just the nub. It looks more like a nipple cover right now. Or as Sean says, a penis hat! Soon enough ;)

Hat I'm making Posted by Hello

Nub of the hat/nipple cover/penis hat ;) Posted by Hello


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