Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cowboy dressup

Allen's Boots Posted by Hello

Mikkel pretending to ride a horse Posted by Hello

Sadly enough, I was hungover on Sunday!!! I woke up so late. But in the afternoon, I took Mikkel to explore the South Congress strip. We went to Allens Boots and played dress up in expesive cowboy shit. It was so much fun..hehe.

The $1000 pair of boots I tried on Posted by Hello

Sporting a cowboy hat Posted by Hello

We strolled down SoCo, went into a few shops, ate at Gueros Taco Bar, then headed on to Mount Bonnell to catch the sunset.

I was quite disappointed to see that they've put up a chain-linked fence in the area next to Mount Bonnell, and are building an obtrusive, obnoxious house/building next to it!!! Highly annoyed! But other than that, it was an extremely impressive sunset.

Sunset at Mount Bonnell Posted by Hello

Sunset at Mount Bonnell Posted by Hello


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