Friday, February 25, 2005


I have been sooo lazy at updating this! Well, I've got tons to say, so I'll get to it later. Probably this weekend. Lot of things going on!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Enchanted Rock

On Monday, I took Mikkel and his roadtrip buddies - Julie, Gary, Mark, and Pierre to Enchanted Rock for a hiking daytrip. We lucked out with the weather. It had been raining in the early morning, and on the drive there. When we got there, it was a bit cloudy. But the sun came out, and the weather turned out great. Everyone got a bit sunburnt!

Here are some pics from the trip

Little Dome Posted by Hello

Echo Canyon trail Posted by Hello

Me, Julie, Mikkel wondering which way to go next Posted by Hello

Little Dome on the right, the valley is Echo Canyon trail Posted by Hello

I hate my profile, but this is just to show you the color of my hair! Posted by Hello

Carrion bird soaring over us, waiting for someone to drop dead Posted by Hello

Deer we saw Posted by Hello

Cool tree silhouette Posted by Hello

Julie, Mikkel, Gary, Pierre, Mark Posted by Hello

Mikkel and me on the summit Posted by Hello

Silhouette of Julie and Pierre on the summit Posted by Hello

The cacti and water biosphere at the summit of E-Rock Posted by Hello

Mikkel and me at E-rock Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Lookee, my hat is starting to grow!

My hat is growing!! Posted by Hello

Well, it's too big to be a penis hat's starting to grow ;) I did some round rows, trying my best to follow the directions in the book. I messed up at one part, but later figured it out. I wasn't going to undo everything, so I just kinda blended it in. Hey, as long as no one can tell :)

Cowboy dressup

Allen's Boots Posted by Hello

Mikkel pretending to ride a horse Posted by Hello

Sadly enough, I was hungover on Sunday!!! I woke up so late. But in the afternoon, I took Mikkel to explore the South Congress strip. We went to Allens Boots and played dress up in expesive cowboy shit. It was so much fun..hehe.

The $1000 pair of boots I tried on Posted by Hello

Sporting a cowboy hat Posted by Hello

We strolled down SoCo, went into a few shops, ate at Gueros Taco Bar, then headed on to Mount Bonnell to catch the sunset.

I was quite disappointed to see that they've put up a chain-linked fence in the area next to Mount Bonnell, and are building an obtrusive, obnoxious house/building next to it!!! Highly annoyed! But other than that, it was an extremely impressive sunset.

Sunset at Mount Bonnell Posted by Hello

Sunset at Mount Bonnell Posted by Hello

Pardi Gras, man!!!

Saturday, Sean, Peter, Mikkel and I went rock climbing at the south gym. They wouldn't let me use my daypass, saying that it wasn't valid for the belay safety course. I think it's a load of bull, but whatever! It was fun :)

Climbing Posted by Hello

In the evening, we met up with the guys that Mikkel met in New Orleans, and hung out with them on 6th Street. We dragged Peter along with us. I think he was amused, though. Good entertainment. I met the folks that Mikkel's doing the roadtrip with: Benny from CT, Julie and Gary from Scotland, Pierre from Montreal, and Mark from England. I also met a girl and a guy from San Marcos -- Sarah and Brian, who are going to Chile to study abroad next year. They were pretty cool to talk with. A drunken me exchanted emails with Sarah, because it's so hard to find people into travelling in or even near town. I need to find that email now ;)

Sean carrying my drunk ass. I don't remember this part! Posted by Hello

Sad to say that I'm quite a lightweight nowadays. I had 3 screwdrivers (although I remember the first one being really strong!!), and got really drunk. Walking back to Peter's, I slipped a few times on the slippery rocks, and almost ate it on my ass.

Me and Mikkel Posted by Hello

Me, Sean, Mark, Peter, Pierre Posted by Hello

Playing tourist!

My friend Mikkel, from BootsnAll came in town on Friday. I got to play hostess/tourist, which was fun.

Friday eve, Sean picked him up from the hostel (he was ridesharing from New Orleans to Austin, and the caravan stayed at the hostel). We met up with Kevin and Diana for sushi at Mikado Ryotei, and got a huge boat of sushi!

Afterwards, we dropped off my car at Kevin and Diana's, then went to the Red Eyed Fly to see Al's band, The Midgetmen play, since we haven't seen one of their shows yet. And we hadn't seen any of those guys since Drew and Gwen's wedding, back in May.

We got to the Red Eyed Fly around 10, but Al's band wasn't going to start playing until 11. We ran into Al there, and hung out with him. Then we talked to Jon, the really really tall bass player in the band. Ironically enough, he's from London, Ontario, too, so Mikkel and Jon talked about good ole' London. What a small world!

We ended up running into a lot of old faces...Al and Petro (of course, they're in the band), Pratt, Jason and Amy, Al's girlfriend, and Rick.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

One scarf down, one hat on the way!

My scarf, finished! Now I need to dye it... Posted by Hello

I finally finished my scarf last night. It's over 5 ft long (taller than me!). And well, one side is wider than the other...hey, I'm learning ;) I used all treble stitches in it. I seem to have that one down now! I'm planning on dying it, but since it's cheapo acrylic yarn, it'll be an experiment.

So I decided to take on another project. I'm going to *try* to make a hat from my book, Hip to Crochet. More cheapo acrylic yarn, since I don't want to waste the good stuff! But this time, it's a multicolored yarn, so if it turns out, I think it'll be cute. Another hat to add to my collection! I love hats :D

Here's a pic of the hat I'm trying to make from the book. And a pic of what I have done so far -- just the nub. It looks more like a nipple cover right now. Or as Sean says, a penis hat! Soon enough ;)

Hat I'm making Posted by Hello

Nub of the hat/nipple cover/penis hat ;) Posted by Hello