Saturday, January 22, 2005

Thai food from a British guy...better than what I can make!

Last night, Sean and I went to a dinner party at Steph's, Sean's coworker. Steph is cool. I used to watch the boys play soccer, but got so bored just sitting there. He's been all over the world. On his bookshelf, I saw a book titled, "Europe by Train 1986". Wow, how the world has changed since then! I also eyed some books that I could borrow from him, like Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguy, Nepal, Thailand, etc. :)

It was nice and laidback. Steph slaved in the kitchen. Peter was there as well. Some new folks - Stacy and Mo, Tiff, Ben, Sarah, and another girl I forgot her name. It was the valley of the giants there. Most of them towered over me by at least a foot! But they were all cool.

We had chicken and lemongrass soup, Panang curry (damn spicy hot, but good!), and slushy mango sorbet. I think Steph did a pretty good job at cooking Thai food..much better than I could have done. After all, my attempt at making those noodles turned into a glutenous ball of crap!!!

I asked Steph where a good place in the world to go would be. He was all about Nepal. He's been there twice, and is going back towards the end of this year. Hmmm..a thought there! Nepal.


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