Thursday, January 20, 2005

Crafting it up!

I met up the Glitterati group tonight, and had a great time. I brought my crocheting project (my first scarf), but decided to do a mosaic instead. I brought an old Ikea miror frame, cut the mirror out of it this morn, to bring to the Workshop.

I wanted to mosaic a sun, but decided that the frame wasn't big enough to do that, so I looked at it as a diamond shape, then drew 4 large petals that extend to near the corners, drew leaves as well. Inside the petals are 3 will be yellow on the inside, orange in the middle, and red on the outer edge of the petal. The leaves will be greeen, of course, and the background will be an aqua blue. Well, I only got a little bit done because I was so busy cutting the tile. So I left it at the Workshop. I'll probably go back there this weekend to work on it again. I think it'll look pretty neat.

Oooh, we're introducing boys to the crafty group, too! Mando from Miller Blueprinting came by to check out our meeting. He's pretty cool. He said that maybe next time, he'll bring the Print Gocco kit and teach us how to use it.


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