Sunday, January 16, 2005

Climbing on...

I went to the south gym today with Sean and Peter. I have to say that I did kick some ass today. I did the pink underbelly route, almost all the way to the top -- about 3 moves left, and I would have finished. I decided to quit where I did because I was completely pumped, and figured I'd rather fall on my feet than have a nasty fall. Plus, it was pretty damn high up. That one's a V2, anyways. Getting better and better each time, it seems.

I tried more underbelly starts, to see how far I could get. Also worked on a few V2's to feel them out and some random "V"s..meaning they don't know what to rate it at. Still can't get some V1's, though. Well, the ratings are all subjective anyways.

There will be another comp in mid Feb - lead and ropes (advanced stuff). Russell is already trying to recruit me to be a judge. Not sure if I'll do it yet or not..will have to wait and see.


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