Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Shop kitty

Charles brought his kitty in this morning, because he had to take the poor fellow later on to get his balls cut off. He's such a cutie! And was getting into everything. I was at the polishing station, and Deltino (the kitty) jumped by the bench grinder (it was off), and crawled behind it. So I got him to come out and put him on my lap. Then he crawled behind me, and started attacking my arm. He suprise attacked me several times by jumping on my back. So cute!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

This scarf is taking forever to finish!

Just chilling out with Shadow and Belle, watching TV, working on my first scarf...

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Thai food from a British guy...better than what I can make!

Last night, Sean and I went to a dinner party at Steph's, Sean's coworker. Steph is cool. I used to watch the boys play soccer, but got so bored just sitting there. He's been all over the world. On his bookshelf, I saw a book titled, "Europe by Train 1986". Wow, how the world has changed since then! I also eyed some books that I could borrow from him, like Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguy, Nepal, Thailand, etc. :)

It was nice and laidback. Steph slaved in the kitchen. Peter was there as well. Some new folks - Stacy and Mo, Tiff, Ben, Sarah, and another girl I forgot her name. It was the valley of the giants there. Most of them towered over me by at least a foot! But they were all cool.

We had chicken and lemongrass soup, Panang curry (damn spicy hot, but good!), and slushy mango sorbet. I think Steph did a pretty good job at cooking Thai food..much better than I could have done. After all, my attempt at making those noodles turned into a glutenous ball of crap!!!

I asked Steph where a good place in the world to go would be. He was all about Nepal. He's been there twice, and is going back towards the end of this year. Hmmm..a thought there! Nepal.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Crafting it up!

I met up the Glitterati group tonight, and had a great time. I brought my crocheting project (my first scarf), but decided to do a mosaic instead. I brought an old Ikea miror frame, cut the mirror out of it this morn, to bring to the Workshop.

I wanted to mosaic a sun, but decided that the frame wasn't big enough to do that, so I looked at it as a diamond shape, then drew 4 large petals that extend to near the corners, drew leaves as well. Inside the petals are 3 colors..it will be yellow on the inside, orange in the middle, and red on the outer edge of the petal. The leaves will be greeen, of course, and the background will be an aqua blue. Well, I only got a little bit done because I was so busy cutting the tile. So I left it at the Workshop. I'll probably go back there this weekend to work on it again. I think it'll look pretty neat.

Oooh, we're introducing boys to the crafty group, too! Mando from Miller Blueprinting came by to check out our meeting. He's pretty cool. He said that maybe next time, he'll bring the Print Gocco kit and teach us how to use it.

Monday, January 17, 2005


My tat is getting nice and crusty now. Yummm. Starting to itch..ugh, it's going to drive me up the wall!

I would let it air out during the day, but it's too cold...so I bandaged it up for work. Charles didn't know, and gave me a pat on the back..you know with Charles, a pat on the back is more like a few slaps on the back..and he did it right on my new tat!!! I shreiked some weird noise, and he was like..what? Did that hurt? So I told him that I got a new tat, right there, and we laughed about it.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Climbing on...

I went to the south gym today with Sean and Peter. I have to say that I did kick some ass today. I did the pink underbelly route, almost all the way to the top -- about 3 moves left, and I would have finished. I decided to quit where I did because I was completely pumped, and figured I'd rather fall on my feet than have a nasty fall. Plus, it was pretty damn high up. That one's a V2, anyways. Getting better and better each time, it seems.

I tried more underbelly starts, to see how far I could get. Also worked on a few V2's to feel them out and some random "V"s..meaning they don't know what to rate it at. Still can't get some V1's, though. Well, the ratings are all subjective anyways.

There will be another comp in mid Feb - lead and ropes (advanced stuff). Russell is already trying to recruit me to be a judge. Not sure if I'll do it yet or not..will have to wait and see.

Webcam fun

Sean bought me a webcam and said that I could make some money on the net ;) Haha..well, had a bit of fun today.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Fresh Ink!

So I went to the Star of Texas Tattoo Art Revival convention today. I decided, kind of on a whim but sort of planning it out, to get a tattoo based on the "prajam yam" Thai drawing/stamp design. I've been wanting to get another tat for years, just done it..til today!

Ben from Capital Tattoos in Charlottesville, VA was my tattoo artist.

I was getting so nervous walking into the convention. Hands started to tingle, heart raced a bit. Just anticipation. We walked over to Ben's booth, were going to walk on, then I just decided to be his first victim of the day, since I knew that I would get more nervous the longer I waited.

The first few minutes into it, I had to have Ben stop, because I was getting lightheaded, my hands were tingling a lot, and I was sweating like crazy. Got all worked up. Sean went to get me a cup of water, Ben gave me a glucose tablet, and then we started back again till it was done. It wasn't that long, about 20 or 30 minutes to finish it. And damn, it is sweet!

I had an endorphin buzz for a few hours, it was so nice.

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