Saturday, November 27, 2004 is good!!!

Wow, it's been a while! So many things have changed to make life better. The best part was quitting my old stank ass job! I re-read my old blog posts, and man, I was such a different person back then!

I ended up quitting at the end of June. And it was a strange a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. My emotions were confused, as I had not been myself for so long, I was happy, but it felt strange to be happy again.

July 1st, I headed off to South America for 7's chronicled on my website (but still working on it!)

That trip was the perfect way to end an era and begin a new one. It was the most adventurous trip I've had so far. Lonely at times. Amazed at times. The whole gamut of emotions. I teared up at the most beautiful landscape I have ever Bolivia. I hiked the Inca Trail with all my gear (about 9 kilos), in rain on day 2 and 3. I did some amazing things that I never thought I could do, or doubted myself.

I came home completely refreshed, not looking behind (at the old job) at all, and looking to the future. I was lucky in the fact that I had a job waiting for me as well.

So I called Charles up in late August, we set a start date, and I've been at Midas ever since.

I work at a small custom jewelry shop now. I love it! I can finally be creative at a job. Learned quite a bit since I've been there already.

I've also been tapping into my other creative endeavors, such as sewing...been doing tons of sewing! Now I'm trying to make enough stuff for a show in March!

It's amazing how much life has changed, just by quitting a crappy job. Wow, life is good!