Tuesday, March 09, 2004

The workplace delirium sets in...

I think I've gone crazy. I've been so stressed from work, yesterday was not a fun day as I had this dumn account rep up my fucking ass for nothing that I did wrong. Of course, I sent him the facts and set him straight..ahh..that felt good. God damn it. Grovel at my feet..here's what he sent me back :"Thanks for everything. My frustrations should not have been directed at you."...yeah, duh.

So I walk down the hallways today, in a state of delirium. I feel tired, out of my body, a bit crazed.

I had a really weird, weird dream last night. I dreamt that I watched a Nightmare on Elm Street movie, and since I watched it, Freddy was going to come after me if I went to sleep. I somehow got a hold of his hand with the razors on it (but they were more like long metal fingernails). I cut the nails off, and wrapped the hand in duct tape, over and over (so it wouldn't come alive and get me).

I ended up in a small car, 3 people squashed in the back seat with me. Someone in the passenger seat. Somehow, the driver disappeared, and the car was going out of control. The guy in the seat behind the driver's seat had long enough arms and legs, that he could drive the car from the back seat. He was able to get it under control, as we passed some animals (goats?) on the side of the highway.

Part of the dream, I was in this rocky nature area, and there were a bunch of people (high school cheerleader like people) talking to me like valley girls, and doing flips all over the place. I tried to do a cartwheel, but failed at every attempt.

Another part of the dream, I was at some party at someone's house. It was like a lame adult party. My brother was there, and I was digging through the fridge to find some food...

All throughout my dream, I was scared that Freddy was going to come after me...

All in all, it was a really whacked out dream.

I'm so fucking tired, I need to just sleep all day...


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