Wednesday, March 17, 2004

This is so lame. I'm at work at 6 am. Why, you ask? Well, 2 of my coworkers are taking vacation at the same that leaves me and the boss lady. I told her I'd work the early shift (my shift is 7-4). And she's like..well, you have to come in at 6, because..that shift has to be covered. What a bunch of bull!!! Well, at least I'll get out earlier. That's the only positive I can take out of it.

I tried to find o-rings for the 10 ga eyelets I made. I went to Pep Boys, and found an assortment pack. When I opened it, only one of them fit, and it was a huge o ring with a 10 ga opening...So I did some shopping online :) I bought some acrylic ear plugs and titanium pincers - they come with o-rings, so I'll just use those. Plus they were pretty cheap!

The ear stretching is going okay. I just have to let em heal up a bit before I stretch them some more. My right side has been a bit itchy...probably because I have to use the dirty, old ass phone at work...who knows what kind of bacteria is on there! Soon enough, I'll be at 10 ga.


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