Monday, March 15, 2004

Oh man, it's been almost a week since I've last blogged. Just haven't had the time...

Well, besides the norm, what's been going on lately...let's see...It's Spring Break, so I'll have some evenings free. That'll be good. I probably still manage to light up the torch and do some jewelry work :) This weekend, I started to work on some rings for possible sale next year. Not that they'll take me *that* long to do...just need to accumulate stuff! They're just 18mmx13mm cabs set in a bezel sitting on top of a ring. If they turn out crappy, I can just keep them or give them to friends! I really need to focus on my "I want to start selling next year" goal -- do research and whatnot.

I started stretching my ears again. This time, I'm going from 14ga to 10ga - the cheap way, by stuffing more and more earrings into my holes. I fabricated and finished a simple pair of ear tunnels/earlets last week. The front is just a circle, with a hole in the 10ga tube. The back will be held by an o-ring. I fabricated another pair this weekend - the front is a diamond shape, and will be held by an o-ring as well. They're pretty simple, easy to make, and hey..instant jewelry! That way, I won't have to pay $20 for the surgical steel body jewelry at the piercing studios.


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